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5th Continental Essay Competition

Download Documents… Concept Note:5th Essay Competition Concept 30th Nov 2017 Registration Form:ARSO_CACO_EC_Form1_2017-Registration-form The Africa-wide development agenda, as championed by the

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4th Continental Essay Competition

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ARSO launches its Conformity Assessment Committee (ARSO CACO)

Agreeably, all over the world, removal of non-tariff barriers to trade (NTBs – technical regulations, standards and conformity assessment) remains

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Did you know?!… Standards as a business Strategy

As a business strategy… Participation in standards work is a strategic move, which brings a business numerous advantages. Successful businesses

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Purpose of the declaration of conformity!

The purpose of the declaration is to give assurance of conformity of the identified object to specified requirements to which

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 Did you know that Food labels should contain the following?

Name of the food List of ingredients in descending order Name and complete address of manufacturer Net content by weight

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Quality Infrastructure and Conformity Assessment

Quality Infrastructure (QI) includes standardisation, accreditation, conformity assessment (such as certification and testing services), and metrology. It is a prerequisite

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Standards Vs Technical Regulations

What is a Standard…it is a technical document detailing the criteria necessary to ensure that a material, product, service or

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Did You Know…Certification is your competitive advantage?

Did You Know…Certification is your competitive advantage? Certification helps in increasing market share by showing that the implementation of good

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Did You Know… Global Supply Management (GSM) system

Did You Know… Global Supply Management (GSM) system is a supply chain management solution to provide the traceability and transparency

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