Did You Know… Global Supply Management (GSM) system

Did You Know Global Supply Management (GSM) system is a supply chain management solution to provide the traceability and transparency necessary for informed global and local business.

The Global Supplier Management system involves four core steps:

  • Collection and cleansing of supplier information
  • Business profile completion
  • Risk-based analysis and reporting
  • Verification services

◦           Identity and credential verification

◦           Onsite verification

◦           Audit services (social, environmental, quality and security) view more (http://www.intertek.com/consumer/auditing/global-supplier-management/)


Supply Chain Management system measures business risk, capacity and capabilities, workplace conditions, product quality and safety, security and environmental sustainability. This knowledge allows you to map the risk in your supply chain and track improvements and performance, enabling you to make more informed buying decisions and mitigate against reputation risk. The portfolio of risk assessment tools and audit solutions include:

View more (http://www.intertek.com/business-assurance/supplier-management/)