Did you know that Food labels should contain the following?

  • Name of the food
  • List of ingredients in descending order
  • Name and complete address of manufacturer
  • Net content by weight or Volume
  • Lot no/Batch identification
  • Date of Manufacturing /Packing
  • Best Before Date
  • Veg/ Non Veg logo of appropriate dimensions
  • Specific declaration of flavors
  • Name and completed Address of Importer, in case of Imported Food
  • Country of Origin for Imported food
  • Nutritional information


  • Nutritional information is the declaration of the nutritional composition of the food. It provides an idea of the nutrition that can be derived from that particular article of food.
  • Nutritional information should always be stated in numerical terms. The nutrition information for a particular food article is declared per 100g or 100ml or per serving of the food on the label.

Nutritional Information may NOT be necessary for:

  • Foods such as Raw Agricultural Commodities
  • Non-Nutritive Foods Like Tea, Coffee, Drinking Water, Alcoholic Beverages, Fruit & Vegetables.
  • Products that Comprise of Single Ingredients.
  • Pickles, Papads.
  • Foods Served for Immediate Consumption.
  • Foods Shipped in Bulk Which is Not for Sale in that form to Consumers.

(source: www.in-beverage.org)

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