Outreach Materials (ARS)


ARSO has realized the need to develop standards outreach material as a means of simplifying the technical language to the level of a wide range of stakeholders in order to promote awareness, improve uptake, increase implementation and widen the compliance levels. The overall goal is to develop dissemination material which is simplified and illustrated in order to make it possible for all interested parties (farmers, consumers, regulators, traders, extension officers, etc.) to effectively understand the content of the standards. This will foster a culture of standards implementation and compliance which increases the competitiveness of African products and secures higher contribution of Africa to global trade. This in turn will lead to increased levels African products accessing national, regional and international markets due to compliance with standards.

Brown rice – Specification

The simplified material Specifies the requirements and methods of sampling and test for brown rice of the varieties grown from Oryza spp., intended for human consumption or for further processing. The simplified material Brown rice is based on ARS 859:2013 standard.

Dry beans – Specification

Dry beans are the most important food legumes for direct consumption in Africa. Among major food crops, beans have one of the highest levels of variation in growth habit, seed characteristics (size, shape, colour), maturity, and adaptation. Dry beans are harvested mature and dry. The common bean is grown for its green leaves, green pods, and immature and/or dry seeds. The outreach based on ARS 864:2013 Standard specifies requirements and methods of sampling and test for dry common beans (Phaseolus spp.) intended for human consumption.

Maize grains (Corn) — Specification

Maize grain is produced in larger quantities in Africa more than any other crop. It is a major food security crop in Sub-Saharan Africa, being the staple food for an estimated 50 per cent of the population. Maize is an important source of carbohydrates, protein, iron, vitamin B, and minerals. Simplification based on African Standard ARS 461:2013  that specifies the requirements and methods of sampling and test for maize grains (corn) of varieties grown from common maize grains.

Milled maize products – Specification

The simplified material is based on ARS 466:2013 Standard that specifies the requirements and methods of sampling and testing for milled maize (corn) products intended for human consumption.

Milled rice — Specification

Based on ARS 464:2013 Specifies the requirements and methods of sampling and test for milled rice of the varieties grown from Oryza spp. intended for human consumption. The Predicted demands for rice remain strong. In Africa, where it is the most rapidly growing food source, about 30 million tons will be needed by 2035, representing an increase of 130 % in rice consumption from 2010.

 Organic products – Code of practice

This Simplification specifies requirements for organic production. It covers plant production, animal husbandry, bee-keeping, the collection of wild products, and the processing and labelling of the products therefrom. Based on ARS 751:2013 standard it applies to the following products which carry, or are intended to carry, descriptive labelling referring to organic production methods;

(a) Unprocessed plants and plant products, livestock and livestock products to the extent that the principles of production and specific inspection;

(b) Processed agricultural products intended for human consumption;

(c) Livestock feed;

(d) Processed agricultural products intended for animal consumption or used

(e) Foods and other agricultural products which come from a farm system employing management practices that seek to nurture ecosystems in order to achieve sustainable productivity; and that provide weed, pest and disease control through enhancement of biodiversity, recycling of plant and animal residues, crop selection and rotation, water management, tillage and cultivation.

Rough (paddy) rice – Specification

The simplification based on ARS 858:2013 Standard specifies the requirements and methods of sampling and test for rough (paddy) rice of the varieties grown from Oryza spp used for further processing.