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Laboratories Scope Capabilities
Mechanical Engineering Testing of metals, wire ropes, chains, steel bars for the reinforcement of concrete, steel welded mesh, and welds among others Dimensional, Yield, Tensile, Shear, Elongation, Bend, Rebend, Impact, Hardness and Macro examination.
non-destructive testing Tests Radiographic Testing (in lab), Magnetic Particle testing, Ultrasonic Testing, Liquid Penetrant Testing, Ultrasonic Thickness Test and Galvanisation coating Thickness.
Civil Engineering Testing of buildings materials;- cement, aggregates, concrete, timber, plastic pipes, concrete building blocks, bitumen, paving bricks, etc. and reinforced concrete structures
Electrical and Electronics Engineering Tests geometrical, mechanical and electrical tests on electric cables; rating tests on automotive batteries.
Laboratory Scope
Chemical Technology Tests soaps, detergents, plastic products, paints, galvanized products, fireworks, fish and fishery products, petroleum products, steel, cement and aggregates, toys and water.
Fibre Technology Tests Fibre, Yarn, Garments, Leather & footwear, Paper & paper products
Food Microbiology Analyses a wide range of food and food products such as fish and fish products, tap water, bottled drinking water, milk and dairy products, meat and animal feeds



Food and Agriculture
Materials/products tested Test methods
Cereals and Cereal Products Determination of Moisture Content
Determination of Total Ash Content
Determination of Nitrogen Content – Kjeldahl Method
Dried Milk Powder and Dried Milk Products Determination of fat content
Rice Determination of Average Length
Determination of Broken kernels
Determination of Foreign Matter/Grains and Paddy
Determination of Red and Undermilled kernels, Damaged and Yellow kernels,Chalky kernels
Fish and Fishery Products Determination of Moisture Content
Determination of Protein Content
Determination of Fat Content
Determination of Histamine Content
Determination of Total Volatile Base-Nitrogen (TVB-N)
Water Determination of Ammonium
Determination of Total Chlorine
Determination of pH
Determination of Electrical Conductivity
Determination of Total Dissolved Solids
Determination of Turbidity