Egyptian Organization for standardization

Egyptian Organization for standardization16 Tadreeb El- Modarrebeen st.,Ameriya,Cairo Website:, 202 22845524-22845522Fax: 202 22845501


Testing laboratories

Laboratory Scope
Chemical products and construction materials Construction materials, Paper, stationery and inks, Paintings, Furniture, wood and wood adhesives, Glass and ceramics, Leather and shoes, Plastic and rubber, Petroleum products, mineral oils and greases, Miscellaneous chemicals, Industrial detergents, Atomic absorption, x-rays
Engineering products Brakes lining, Electric lamps, Electric household appliances, Petroleum household appliances, Fire extinguishers, Sparkling plugs, Mechanical tests, Pressure lab, Lamps life timer test, Electrical tests, Filters
Textile products Spinning and yarns, Fabrics Carpets, wools, Dye and preparation.
Food products Oils and soap, Carbohydrates, Tobacco and its products, Meat and fish, milk and milk products, Miscellaneous lab for flavours, Beverages and alcohols, Microbiology, Chromatography