The ARSO-KATS Capacity Building is based on the ARSO-KATS MoU of 2010 and the signed Action Plan 2011-2012 on the International Standard Infrastructure Cooperative Program 9ISCP.

Further to the signing of the ARSO-KATS Action Plan for 2011-2012 on 1st June 2011 at KATS, Seoul, Korea, for the implementation of the ARSO-KATS MoU 2010, the Korean Agency for Technology and Standards (KATs) successfully carried out a fully sponsored Training dubbed the 2011 (ISCP) – ARSO training program (“Development of Standardization, Conformity Assessment and Metrology”) on 5th -15th October 2011 in Seoul Korea.

It was a good opportunity to strengthen relations between KATS and several African nations, where 17 participants from the following African countries participated in the training programme.


Mr Mbollo Jean Marie – Standardisation Regime




Mr. Antony Kathiri -Conformity Assessment,

Mr. David Tonui -Legal Metrology


Mr.Wiseman Bekelesi – Chemicals and Materials


Mr Melchiol Ndeshtila Ambunda Standardisation Regime


Mr. Apim Ninma -Testing Capability/Electrical and Electronics,

Mr. Isa Siaka Testing Capability/Electrical and Electronics,

Mr. Ismaila Lawal – Conformity Assessment,

Mr. Adedotun Richard Adewumi – Testing Capability/Electrical and Electronics


Mrs. Mary Makony Meela – Standardisation Regime


Mr.Chokri Ben Ameur Conformity Assessment,

Mrs. Lilia Makni – Standardization


Mr. Raymond Murenzi Energy and Environmental Field,

Mr. Philibert Zimulinda – Testing Capability/Electrical and Electronics