Standards Organisation of Nigeria

Standards Organisation of Nigeria

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  Laboratory Scope
Food Technology Physical, Chemical (composition), metallic and mycotocin, and Microbiological tests on foods.
Chemical Technology physico chemical characteristics and quality requirements
Electrical/Electronic quality and safety of electrical/ electronic equipment/ devices
Engineering Mechanical Engineering Tests: Tensile, impact, complete metallography, chemical analysis of metals tensiles tests
Civil Engineering Tests: Cement, wood and masonry units, textiles, sanitary, wares
Electrical Engineering Tests: domestic electrical appliances
Textile and Leather Textile test: Colour fastness. Span length, fiber maturity, ash content, tensile strength of fiber, texture, crump, regularity density, elongation at break point, light fastness, tearing strength
Leather test: – flex resistance, tensile strength, shrinkage, water absorbency, water permeability, and other physical and chemical tests associated with all categories of leather products.